Thanks so much, Emily.

For the Remarks and Explanations section, other than blank explanations, the biggest red flag is a lack of specificity or very quick comments.

Similarly, if the same explanations are used for multiple success criteria, that's problematic.

Another problem can be too many N/A's with quick comments.

Also, if the explanations continually involve workarounds for accessibility, that's a problem.

One more red flag is downplaying of issues or trying to highlighting positives.

ACRs should be sterile documents that only account for accessibility. There should be no narrative being conveyed (e.g., trying to paint a positive outlook.).

It's usually fairly easy to tell if an ACR is genuine or if it was produced internally to check a box.

Real ACRs are thorough and objective in their documentation.

Thanks for commenting and let me know if you have any other questions.